1. Can you advise on matters such as cost of ownership, diet and general health ?

Certainly we can do so in a general way but despite the fact that they are of one breed, dogs do vary considerably in their personal traits. We would recommend two important steps to be taken. Always try to keep your puppy on the same diet the breeder has used, and secondly always take the professional advice of a reputable Veterinary Practice.

2. Do you arrange delivery ?

We can and do deliver to those who are unable to travel, but would always recommend personal collection, just as we strongly recommend a viewing of your puppy in the environment of our Kennels in advance of purchase. You will very quickly identify the puppy which is for you, and your relationship with it starts at that time. You will be counting the hours in advance of collection.

3. Are you able to give us details of cost in advance of a visit ?

Yes indeed. Please call us on 01207 297147 and remember to Check regularly on the News Page Section, ‘Puppies for Sale’ on our Web Site.